Personal Care

“With a clean body, clean hair, clean clothes and shoes, you will feel good and your friends will be happy to be near you. Keep your fingernails and toenails short and clean too.”

Washing Hair

Young children should wash hairs two to three times per week to keep a healthy scalp, washing more often will make them susceptible to dandruff. As juniors enter their teens, sometimes it make their hair greasy. Washing their hair with shampoo may be necessary at least every other day.


Days when you don’t use shampoo, you can make a thorough bath into a fun game. Have your junior or children put on their bathing suit and place them into the tub with a washcloth, a bowl of warm, soapy water, and a bowl of warm water for rinsing. Make sure they know to put the washcloth into the soapy water before scrubbing a body part and then into the rinse water before repeating.


Washing your hands is a vital part of good hygiene. Washing before and after meals, after playing in the dirt and after being in contact with someone who’s sick is the best way to eliminate germs. Tell your child about the importance of scrubbing with soap for the amount of time it takes to sing “Happy Birthday” twice. Hand sanitizers aren’t as effective as soap and water, so use them only in a pinch.

Toilet Etiquette

Once young children become toilet trained, you need to teach the juniors to keep little parts and wash hands fully when they are done. These healthy habits will make keep away from any infections.