About Hilali

Hilafi Industries Co. lLC was established in 1977 in Sharjah, UAE by Mr. Mahmoud Ahmed AI Hilali. The company manufactures a wide range of cleaning materials including steel wool, sponges, liquid detergents, scouring pads and synthetic fiber (Dacron), and operates a production unit in Syria focused exclusively on the manufacture of synthetic fiber. Over the years, Hilali Industries Co. llC has witnessed steady growth and continue to expand in its various spheres of operation to maintain its position at the leading edge of a competitive industry. The generic products of the company are distributed and exported to many countries in recognized brands and the growing demand in regional markets underscores the value and quality inherent in the product offering.

Hilali Industries Co. llC will continue to offer new and improved
products in a bid to widen horizons and break in to new markets.

The Mission

To contribute to the industrial and economic growth of the region by producing and marketing high quality cleaning products that match the highest market standards. To vindicate the trust invested in us by carrying our conviction to excel in to every aspect of our endeavour. To respect and honour the trust reposed in us and return it measure for measure in service and product offering.

The Objective

To develop and produce pre-eminent cleaning products and make them available in the world at affordable prices. To build reputable brands ‘in order to remain a market leader.